A bunch of equity/balanced funds achieved superb returns over either 5 years or 3 years but then failed my criterion of minimum 12% over 1 year so I’ve excluded them from my list of top performers (read my earlier post “Best Mutual Funds in Malaysia”). One investment-linked (IL) fund even showed a negative return of -13.06%. When investing, I feel that it is so important to go for funds that are able to show consistent results, and not funds that show a terrific performance one year and then dismal results the next. Ultimately, beware of those companies that market funds based on absolute returns achieved over a 1 year period!!

Anyway, for the sake of completeness, I list down below the equity/balanced funds that didn’t make my “Best of” list. The list also includes 4 funds that achieved returns of above 10% (these are marked with *), which may be considered as still a pretty decent return. 

(Fund Name, 5-year/3-year/1-year returns):

  1. Allianz Life Managed (IL)      119.05%/55.47%/-13.06%
  2. Hwang-DBS Dana Izdihar     0.00%/53.86%/not in PM list
  3. OSK-UOB KLCI Tracker Fund 80.01%/51.97%/8.13%
  4. MAA Balanced                      86.63%/51.05%/4.56%
  5. MAAKL Balanced Fund (IL)     86.63%/51.05%/4.56%
  6. *PB Balanced Fund              88.07%/50.97%/10.75%
  7. ING Equity (IL)                    117.01%/48.68%/7.36%
  8. *Great Eastern Lion Progressive (IL)  0.00%/48.18%/11.71%
  9. *Avenue VersatileEXTRA Fund    0.00%/47.79%/11.07%
  10. *CMS Premier Fund                84.07%/46.94%/11.41%

  1. Dana Makmur PHEIM DMP        0.00%/46.68%/4.59%
  2. Mayban Indexlinked Trust Fund  0.00%/46.65%/8.11%
  3. ING Dana Suria Equity (IL)        0.00%/45.32%/5.06%
  4. MAAKL Equity Index Fund (IL)  78.16%/45.16%/6.77%
  5. SBB Indexlinked Fund              72.65%/44.95%/9.85%
  6. Public Smallcap Fund                80.20%/44.92%/7.31%
  7. Great Eastern Dana Restu       130.62%/44.34%/8.92%
  8. Mayban Life Premier Index        0.00%/43.07%/8.23%

note: where it shows 0% under 5-years, the fund has not been in existence for 5 years