I’d always felt that in life, it’s important to count your blessings and to give back to society and help as many people as possible.

While going through my CFP course I had another revelation. Although I had at various points in my life explored doing work with social groups, my biggest problem was committing the time to do so. It suddenly dawned on me that I could finally do this “community service” by sharing whatever I learnt on the course with as many people as possible. I had met so many people over the last year who were worried about money but who were not empowered to take action. Talking to them made me realize that there was a way I could help them.

It’s time to emancipate ourselves from this rat race! The seed for this blog had been planted.

And last Saturday, I gave my first talk to a small group of friends and acquaintances about THEIR financial freedom. The talk is called “Towards Your Financial Freedom”. My audience were great, and I am definitely “pumped” to share my journey with more people!