Breaking newswe interrupt the “important business” of blogging about how you can manage your money to announce the Death of a Planet

Pluto, planet of transformation and ruler of Scorpio has been stripped of its “planet” status. (A shout out to all you Scorpios out there…so sorry for your loss 😉 ) This was decreed by the International Astronomical Union at their general assembly in Prague recently. They voted Pluto out.

Pluto also rules the 8th house in astrology  – the house that deals with the occult, death/rebirth, sexuality and Other People’s Money i.e. investments, taxes, inheritances. So astrologers look to Pluto’s “transits” for ideas on how our lives would be affected in these areas. 

Considered one of the “modern planets” together with Uranus and Neptune, Pluto apparently always had problems with its credibility as a planet, on top of being one of the smallest planets in the Solar system and also the planet furthest away from the Sun.

Poor Pluto – R.I.P. : A rose by any other name is still a rose

(those of you who’ve read my “About” page will know that I am an astrology buff too…just couldn’t resist sneaking one in since Pluto is after all linked to investments and O.P.M.) 😉