Investing in land banking schemes (2) Saturday, Oct 28 2006 


continued…(pls read with previous post)

Next up is Walton International, the company that many investors in Malaysia and Singapore have heard of and even, invested money in.  

RST on Walton International’s performance and track record:

Walton Developments have just recently had several projects mature, where planning has been obtained in Canada and developers have stepped in and bought. Investors have made substantial gains, anywhere upto 580% That’s not bad at all, I think you will agree. Now there is $500million of their client money looking to buy another slice of the Walton action, and who wouldn’t after this show of success. 



Investing in land banking schemes (1) Saturday, Oct 28 2006 


Saw an ad for Profitable Plots Company Ltd, the UK land investment company on the back of a bus in the 1 Utama area the other day and thought that I would follow the trail. What caught this Anglophile’s attention was the funky Union Jack emblazoned bus and the rather catchy and Brit-sounding name. I thought to myself – another land-banking company comes to Malaysia, this time from the UK and put it on “my must check out” list.


OSK-UOB’s innovative Capital Guarantee BRIC Fund Monday, Oct 9 2006 



The new fund from OSK-UOB launched on September 18 seems to be offering all the “good stuff”. Highlights include:


– it’s capital guaranteed

– 1st Malaysia mutual fund company to offer investors exposure to the high growth emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China (hence the name “BRIC” )

– expected returns of 10% per annum (CEO of OSK-UOB is quoted in the Star…so this gives credibility. I hope he is a man of his words!)


All this is promised by the Capital Guarantee BRIC Fund


What global funds are available locally in Malaysia (2) Sunday, Oct 1 2006 


With online services like Boston Funds, Dollardex, fundsupermart and Schwab’s together with Morningstar’s research reports also available online, it’s really not all that difficult invest in overseas mutual funds. However with the liberalisation in April 2005 by Bank Negara, effectively allowing Malaysian fund managers to also set up their own foreign funds and for local investors to invest in them, there are now even more choices for Malaysians.


It appears that many of the foreign funds launched locally have chosen to go the “feeder fund” or “fund or funds” route. In the case of feeder funds the local fund would feed into another global fund managed by the international big-wigs like Henderson or Schroder’s. Fund of funds in which the local fund feeds into a number of different global funds like TA’s Global Asset Allocator Fund are also available, although there are fewer of these types of funds at the moment. I really like the latter concept in that there is much flexibility in how the fund is structured.


Sleepless in Shanghai Sunday, Oct 1 2006 


Towering above the Pudong area, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a major landmark in Shanghai. The tower is 468 m high, highest in Asia and the third highest in the world, after Toronto Tower (553 metres) and the Moscocw TV Tower (533 metres). Apparently with the completion of this tower, the experience of the nearly 20 million Shanghainese population in watching TV and receiving broadcast was greatly enhanced. Ironic then how I couldn’t even get a squeak out to you guys over the last week. the blogging site I use to deliver this blog is blocked and I had no access to it. I had been left voiceless in China!

I will have to post the second instalment of my post on global funds only later. Meanwhile, any bloggers out there planning a trip to China, take note that you may have to write your post offline first and then email it to someone outside China who can post on your behalf.  

That said, Shanghai is a pretty amazing city – everything is scarily BIG – from infrastructure to buildings, to malls and businesses – you can almost smell the amount of money that’s been poured in to develop this gateway into China. Below is a nighttime scene of the the Bund, the embankment along the waterfront of the Hangpu River, where tourists and locals alike can have a leisurely stroll to take in sights of the magnificient colonial buildings including the famous Peace Hotel as well as the towering skyscrapers of the new Pudong area across the river including the 88-storey Jin Mao Building that houses the tallest hotel in the world, the Grand Hyatt.