Here are the latest rates that I’ve extracted from Bank Negara’s info website (

Fixed Deposit Rates

All banks are offering 3.70% over 12 months for fixed deposits (FD’s) below RM1m except:

Alliance 3.80%
Ambank  3.80%
Bangkok 3.75%
Deutsche 3.75%
EON 3.80%
Nova Scotia 3.75% 
(info updated by BNM on 16 January 2007)

Base Lending Rate (BLR)

All banks have adhered to Bank Negara’s prescribed BLR of 6.75% except:

Affin 6.8%
Citibank 6.8%
ABN Amro 6.5%
JP Morgan Chase 6.25%
(info updated by BNM 15 May 2006)

However please note that the effective housing loan rates that you pay on your bank loans will be dependent on the type of loans (fixed, variable etc) and packages (eg BLR + 0.2%) entered into.