Book Recommendation – March 2007 Monday, Mar 12 2007 


The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich – by David Bach

For absolute beginners, this is a good book to read on how to start a savings plan towards your first (and subsequent 🙂 ) millions. So easy to read and entertaining with real life anecdotes, I read it all in one sitting. 

Key concept taught….which I always use when talking to people who lament their lack of savings…pay yourself first. That is to say, make it a point to get your bank to do an auto-transfer of 10%, 15% or 20% (why, even more if you want to end up filthy rich!) of your salary from your account to an investment or retirement nest egg account.



P.S. Amanah Saham – Malaysians quick grab your cheque books! Monday, Mar 12 2007 

CNY2  Lil Mom Q’d up from 8.30am at the Maybank branch in Kuching.

 She was first in line and when the branch opened at 9.30am they instantly keyed in her application for both ASW 2020 and ASM. The tellers also proceeded to key in other applicants’ instructions while waiting for online confirmation.

Alas! Hours passed and not even one of the applications could be confirmed by the system…!


Amanah Saham – Malaysians quick grab your cheque books! Sunday, Mar 11 2007 

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

Was just informed by my dearest Lil Mom that PNB will be launching additional units for its two funds –  the Amanah SahamWawasan 2020  and Amanah Saham Malaysia – on March 12. A total of 800 million units on ASM and 1 billion units on ASW 2020 will be available for sale.  

This time around there will be a capping of 50,000 units per fund for each investor and this would be imposed for two weeks from March 12-26, 2007. That’s good news indeed. Looks like PNB has paid heed to the unhappy investors who missed out on the last ASW 2020 release in August 06. The units were sold out within the first half hour due to early bird investors who invested in large denominations (ie. in hundreds of thousands of Ringgit (read my earlier posts (first, second) on this topic).