CNY2  Lil Mom Q’d up from 8.30am at the Maybank branch in Kuching.

 She was first in line and when the branch opened at 9.30am they instantly keyed in her application for both ASW 2020 and ASM. The tellers also proceeded to key in other applicants’ instructions while waiting for online confirmation.

Alas! Hours passed and not even one of the applications could be confirmed by the system…!

I spoke to Lil Mom at 10.30am. She told me that she was on her way home…the branch looked more like a fish market as more and more people piled in by the minute…so after everyone had submitted their forms, they were told by the bank to go home and wait to be notified about the outcome of their applications.

Meanwhile, she called some of friends who had gone to RHB bank. They told her that they had successfully applied for ASM but not ASW.

Two more dreary hours passed…

She called me at 12.40pm, well-chuffed. The bank said that her ASM application had finally gone through. Success at last!  She’d somehow deduced that if the bank tellers could switch the order of her applications so that her ASM application was keyed in first, it would go through. And apparently she was right! No luck on ASW 2020 though. I wonder if it had something to do with the Bumiputra quota of 51%. Doesn’t make sense. ASM was sold out before day’s end apparently. But ASW 2020 is still available. 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a trip to the bank to see if they will accept my modest deposit…hmmm…quite an experience! But at least this time it has a happy ending for Lil Mom!!