Why you shouldn’t listen to your Ma or Pa when investing… Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

The following are typical life lessons that we are often taught by our parents while growing up.  (List paraphrased from the Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing):

1. Don’t settle for average. Strive to be the best

2. Listen to your gut. What you feel in your gut is usually right

3. If you don’t know how to do something, ask. Talk to an expert or hire one. Saves time and frustration

4. You get what you pay for. Good help isn’t cheap and cheap help isn’t good.

5. If there’s a crisis, take action! Do something to fix it.

6. History repeats itself. The best predictor of future performance is past performance.

But guess what, they really DO NOT work for investing! Quite the opposite really. More in my next post. Ta da.


Have you invested in one of these dodgy sites? Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

At long last, the authorities are cracking down on dodgy investment websites that have been luring unsuspecting investors to their financial downfall. According to a Star report dated 13 June 2007,  the Securities Commission has blocked the websites of the following 6 “cyber scams”:


Book Recommendation – Books by Suze Orman Tuesday, Jun 12 2007 


Now you can own a stake in Malaysian Top 30 listed cos Tuesday, Jun 12 2007 

Passage Thru India Penang

Malaysia’s first equity exchange traded fund (ETF), FBM30etf is slated for launch in early July 07. According to a Star report on June 7 2007, the ETF is similar in nature to an unit trust fund in that it comprises investments in a basket of stocks. However, the difference is that the fund will be listed on the KLCI, and its price will fluctuate according to fluctuations in the underlying basket of stocks. In comparison, traditional unit trust funds are not listed.