This month instead of reviewing a book, I thought I would draw your attention to the guru of personal finance herself, Ms Suze Orman. She’s feisty, funny and fearsome (especially for those who don’t pay heed to her advice or who don’t take financial responsibility for themselves). The above video has her on the programme The View talking about her book, Women & Money which you can get more details for by clicking on this link.

Yes, she can be harsh sometimes (especially by Asian standards) but she really tells you the hard-hitting truths when you most need it. You may have come across her show on CNBC on Sunday afternoons 5pm (a fruitful way to spend Sunday afternoons for sure!). Don’t you think she’s thoroughly refreshing and entertaining? Another one of her many bestsellers is this aptly titled one for Gen X and Y-ers:

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke


To paraphrase from the editorial team’s review of the book, the book is “aimed specifically at “Generation Broke”–those in their twenties and thirties who are working yet buried in credit card debt and student loans”. They say this “user-friendly guide offers a clear introduction to practical investing and money management techniques that can turn even a dismal financial situation around.” Check it out if you’re youthful and have been financially foolish!! 🙂 Click to Suze.