It has not been a good couple of weeks…the work stress has definitely eaten up 90% of my brain cells. I found myself schlepping around the KLCC carpark at least twice in as many weeks looking for my “lost” elantra. Two days ago my dopod crashed with all my important info in it…(not such a bad thing actually…I now have an excuse not to be constantly contactable J ). They told me it would take two weeks to fix! Two weeks! A business phone! (Do not buy a dopod!!) Today I found myself at a Shell station wondering what my pin was for my Shell card…6562? 6752? 6578? I gave up after numerous permutations starting with 6! Thankfully the car got me home in one piece…but will have to figure out how to get the card working tomorrow…or fork out the dosh. And you thought you had it bad didn’t you??!!