Susheela Raman 

For those of you who have been wondering what’s happened to my book of the month — sorry, I don’t seem to be able to finish a whole book these days…there are a number of work-in-progress’s…but they are not quite investment books anyway. I am back to flirting with Astrology…three major planets in retrograde (Uranus, Mercury, Saturn) is action aplenty on that front…which also means lots to research. 

So methinks I should just widen the scope of recommendations…from Books to Music as well.

And if you love music, then you’d want to check out this world diva with the gorgeous voice. Sounds like? Well Sade was the first to come to mind and sometimes Sinead O’Connor. The music style is an eclectic mix of jazz, blues, Indian and African rhythms. Songs in English, Tamil and French showcase the versatility of this 2001 Mercury Prize nominee.

Music for Crocodiles is her 3rd album out of 4. (The others being Salt Rain, Love Trap and latest 33 1/3) I was blown away by the opening track What Silence Said – check it out for the goosebump inducing factor. Cool, jazzy, laidback building to a climatic melancholia.

A Brit born to South Indian parents, and raised in Australia, the fusion of east meets west is very evident.  The Eastern tunes (sung in Tamil) are given a renewed twist and modern (Western?) flava, which reminds me of Nitin Sawhney’s works. Indian rhythms, progressive vibe.

Track listings:

  1. What Silence Said

  2. Music for Crocodiles
  3. Light Years (Intro)
  4. Light Years
  5. Same Song
  6. Meanwhile (Intro)
  7. Meanwhile
  8. Chordhiya
  9. Idi Samayam
  10. L’Ame Volatile
  11. Sharvanna (Intro)
  12. Sharvanna
  13. Leela

It cost me RM80 to buy it here – you can check out JS Ragaa’s (next to Raju’s Banana Leaf restaurant off Jalan Gasing, PJ) if you want to buy it locally. Otherwise, buy it from Amazon by clicking on Susheela. Enjoy 🙂