Happy New Year, have you written down your New Year’s resolutions yet? I’m in the midst of doing mine. Well, I roughly know what will go on the list already but to “keep it real”, I need to put it all onto paper and make a PLAN! Yes yes, worklife (oops I mean work-life … you see, I can’t even split the 2 words up) balance is definitely up there.

As you know, TOHTMYM is generally about managing your money….and so far I’ve been blabbing on about investments and the options available. But I have many friends who moan to me all the time about how they cannot invest because they’re clearing off debt, or how they cannot save on their meagre salaries!!! These are folks in their early to mid thirties. My friend Nance got caught in the debt trap because she said they lived a paltry existence, up until her first credit card was approved! Then, BOOM! all hell broke loose