Words to live by as we approach Earth Day 2008 on Tuesday, April 22.  And this just happens to be No. 51 on Time.com’s list of 51 things you can do to conserve the environment. (see The Global Warming Survival Guide). To paraphrase no. 51:

“Live simply. Meditate. Consume less. Think more. Get to know your neighbors. Borrow when you need to and lend when asked. E.F. Schumacher praised that philosophy this way in Small Is Beautiful: “Amazingly small means leading to extraordinarily satisfying results.””

In a sense consuming less is in line with the philosopohy of this blog, in which I’ve been advocating saving and investing so that we and the generations who follow can have a more comfortable future. But unlike saving and investing for your future which calls for delayed gratification….(I suppose, a fancy say of saying think twice before your next impulse purchase 🙂 )…consuming less to save the environment is not that difficult to do….if we just make the effort. Top of the mind actions that we can all put into practice easily would be:

1) Use less paper – print double-sided, recyle wherever possible, go digital – get bills and mail delivered digitally wherever possible, send e-cards or buy cards made of recycled paper, read your news digitally and take digital photos!

2) Recycle things – clothes, plastic n paper bags, donate old items to charity

3) Take public transport more often….or walk!

4) Stop buying so many things…have a day a week at least when you decide NOT to buy anything

5) Conserve energy and water – don’t just fall into the urge to turn on the A/C when you feel like it, use a front-loading washing machine instead of a top loading way, air-dry your clothes instead of using the dryer, don’t leave the tap running when you wash dishes, etc etc

6) Learn more about the cause and spread the word!

It’s a known fact that we have only about 10 years left to get our act together to save the environment before the damage becomes irreversible. To find out more or to join the cause, Malaysians who live in the KL vicinity can sign up for a series of events that the YTL Group is organizing in conjunction with Climate Change Week as follows:

  • Free public screenings of ‘The 11th Hour’, the acclaimed climate change documentary. Produced and narrated by Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the film explores how we live and impact Earth’s ecosystems and what we can do as global citizens to change the course mankind is headed for. Tickets are available via online registration  from 11-22 April, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, and will be screened at The KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) from 30 April to 4 May, 2008
  • Climate Change Youth Workshop on May 3 to help encourage environmental thinking and practices in schools.  Held at The KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPac), the free workshop is open to any secondary school in the Klang Valley and features a fun-filled programme for teachers and their students, providing them with the tools to plan and implement sustainable practices in their schools 
  • A Climate Change Gala to raise funds for three Malaysian conservation groups, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), Reef Check Malaysia (coral reef conservation) and TrEES (Treat Every Environment Special) (community programmes for sustainable lifestyles). 


    For more information on Climate Change Week 2008, please visit www.ytlcommunity.com/climatechange





I highly recommend the documentary which I was able to catch whilst on my flight to Paris last December. Filled with hard-hitting facts and interviews with experts and those in the know, eg. the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, getting up to speed on the issues is something all of us simply can’t ignore if we care about our future and the generations to follow.

P.S. Today I made a decision not to buy anything (meals excluded as technically not “material things”) – it was harder than anticipated. At 10am in the morning, I got a text message from a friend telling me to check out the furniture sale at Nobel Design House. And then whilst I was at breakfast in Bangsar quietly reading a book, another friend invited me for coffee at MidValley (big alarm bells!!!!) — then my thoughts drifted to going to Bangsar Village to have a look at the baju shops….thankfully I’ve so far been able to resist fortifying my brain with the mantra: “Create, not Consume” (in the tradition of Make Love, not War …lol 🙂 ) hence…leading to the ‘birth’ of this post!!