Penny-pinching and notes to becoming a Tight-wad! Saturday, Mar 1 2008 

Street Seller in BKK

I have a new tenant moving into my condo this coming April, and as usual the agent gave me a list of TO DO’s to get the place in a satisfactory state for the Japanese family. One of the things on the list was to clean the stains on the ceramic tiles in the living room. Sounds easy enough….NOT!



Season’s greetings Friday, Dec 28 2007 

dearest mywealthplanner readers 

may 2008 bring u an abundance of cool music, laughter, good food and great company 🙂

warmest wishes


ps. enjoy this video snippet of the xmas marionette show I captured from a shop window in Paris

Of mice and DJ’s Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 


How time has flown. I checked TOHTMYM today and realized it’s been 2 months since my last post!! But where did November go? And now even December is finishing quicker than I can say “ratatouille”!

Speaking of Ratatouille, I was just in Paris (yes as in Paris, France) last week for a work visit. (more…)