Have you invested in one of these dodgy sites? Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

At long last, the authorities are cracking down on dodgy investment websites that have been luring unsuspecting investors to their financial downfall. According to a Star report dated 13 June 2007,  the Securities Commission has blocked the websites of the following 6 “cyber scams”:



The Rakyat’s Bank of Choice? Thursday, May 10 2007 

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

A good mate, Ally, asked me about this incredible deal that she had heard Bank Rakyat is paying out for fixed deposits. She had heard that they were paying out not 6%, or 8% or even 10% but…get this, 15% in “interest”. Although cynical that such a deal could exist, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to google for more information. 


It turns out that there is indeed such an offer…but it’s not exactly interest you’re getting. It’s dividends… (more…)

Investing in land banking schemes (2) Saturday, Oct 28 2006 


continued…(pls read with previous post)

Next up is Walton International, the company that many investors in Malaysia and Singapore have heard of and even, invested money in.  

RST on Walton International’s performance and track record:

Walton Developments have just recently had several projects mature, where planning has been obtained in Canada and developers have stepped in and bought. Investors have made substantial gains, anywhere upto 580% That’s not bad at all, I think you will agree. Now there is $500million of their client money looking to buy another slice of the Walton action, and who wouldn’t after this show of success. 


Investing in land banking schemes (1) Saturday, Oct 28 2006 


Saw an ad for Profitable Plots Company Ltd, the UK land investment company on the back of a bus in the 1 Utama area the other day and thought that I would follow the trail. What caught this Anglophile’s attention was the funky Union Jack emblazoned bus and the rather catchy and Brit-sounding name. I thought to myself – another land-banking company comes to Malaysia, this time from the UK and put it on “my must check out” list.


So you’ve missed out on ASW 2020…now what? (2) Saturday, Sep 9 2006 


I covered the products offered by banks in part one of this post about alternatives to the ASW 2020. In this instalment, I will cover the hot topic of REITs.

More and more REITs are coming onstream since the launch of the Malaysia’s maiden REIT back in 2005, the Axis REIT. REIT (pronounced “reet”) stands for real estate investment trust. Given Malaysians’ love affair with bricks and mortar, this is a very flexible investment vehicle that allows us to indirectly own a stake in say, Starhill Gallery or the Kuala Lumpur JW Marriott simply by buying the building’s REIT through Bursa.

What’s more you don’t need a lot of money. The closing price of the Starhill REIT as at 8 September 2006 was RM0.95 and 1,000 shares will cost you just RM950. If this sounds interesting, read on…


Something Swiss…something not so Swiss Monday, Sep 4 2006 


I was in Penang over the Merdeka weekend and chanced upon Edelweiss Cafe, a delightful bar-cafe-restaurant in the historic enclave of Georgetown. Located a two-minute walk from Khoo Kongsi down Armenian Street, the cafe is housed in a 19th century shophouse lovingly restored to its original splendour by its owners, a Swiss-Malaysian couple.

Serving great food (Swiss/European and local cuisine), drinks (including my favourite, lemongrass) and desserts in a chilled out ambience, this is really cool place to relax and hang out with your friends if you’re ever in The Pearl.

On the other hand, some of you may have read the article in the Star on Sunday (3 September) titled “Be wary of ‘Swiss’ website“.