Sales charge on mutual fund investments using EPF capped at 3% Sunday, Mar 2 2008 

Lit Angels at Coleman BKK 

What can I say……what a goooood moooove by the EPF! This means that we investors who decide to withdraw from Account 1 of our EPF to invest in mutual funds now pay only a sales charge of 3% compared to the previous rate of approx. 6%. This takes effect on 1 Jan 2008.



Can you do this? A 2008 Challenge Monday, Jan 7 2008 

Happy New Year, have you written down your New Year’s resolutions yet? I’m in the midst of doing mine. Well, I roughly know what will go on the list already but to “keep it real”, I need to put it all onto paper and make a PLAN! Yes yes, worklife (oops I mean work-life … you see, I can’t even split the 2 words up) balance is definitely up there.

As you know, TOHTMYM is generally about managing your money….and so far I’ve been blabbing on about investments and the options available. But I have many friends who moan to me all the time about how they cannot invest because they’re clearing off debt, or how they cannot save on their meagre salaries!!! These are folks in their early to mid thirties. My friend Nance got caught in the debt trap because she said they lived a paltry existence, up until her first credit card was approved! Then, BOOM! all hell broke loose


Getting organized for 2007… Sunday, Apr 8 2007 

Frangipani E&O Penang 

It has really been a while since I’ve had time for my own financial paperwork. This weekend I decided to do just that. My Sunday has been spent ankle deep in a sea of bills, bank statements, loan statements and all those other bits of paper that we all hate to have to go through.

Well, after hours of wading through paperwork (and mindless Channel V reality shows in the background), I’ve written up a To Do list for myself as follows (more or less in order of priority):


P.S. Amanah Saham – Malaysians quick grab your cheque books! Monday, Mar 12 2007 

CNY2  Lil Mom Q’d up from 8.30am at the Maybank branch in Kuching.

 She was first in line and when the branch opened at 9.30am they instantly keyed in her application for both ASW 2020 and ASM. The tellers also proceeded to key in other applicants’ instructions while waiting for online confirmation.

Alas! Hours passed and not even one of the applications could be confirmed by the system…!


Amanah Saham – Malaysians quick grab your cheque books! Sunday, Mar 11 2007 

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

Was just informed by my dearest Lil Mom that PNB will be launching additional units for its two funds –  the Amanah SahamWawasan 2020  and Amanah Saham Malaysia – on March 12. A total of 800 million units on ASM and 1 billion units on ASW 2020 will be available for sale.  

This time around there will be a capping of 50,000 units per fund for each investor and this would be imposed for two weeks from March 12-26, 2007. That’s good news indeed. Looks like PNB has paid heed to the unhappy investors who missed out on the last ASW 2020 release in August 06. The units were sold out within the first half hour due to early bird investors who invested in large denominations (ie. in hundreds of thousands of Ringgit (read my earlier posts (first, second) on this topic).


HELP! I’ve made money on my mutual fund investment! (2) Sunday, Feb 11 2007 


 (Check this! Bagan 18 bar and restaurant or “Penang‘s closest brush with fabulousness” 🙂 )  

(continued from part one )

Here’s my 2 cents worth to Mike.  

He should manage his portfolio according to the asset allocation model appropriate for his circumstances. Asset allocation is just a fancy phrase for the process of dividing up our investments into various asset classes. Primarily the asset classes are shares or equities, bonds and cash. For example you may decide on a 60:30:10 asset allocation model which means 60% of your money is in equities, 30% in bonds and 10% in cash.   (more…)

PNB concerned over ‘plight’ of ASW 2020 applicants Friday, Sep 8 2006 

There we were last night scratching our heads (well OK, not quite that bad) to come up with ideas where to “stash our cash” 🙂 after the ASW 2020 debacle. And I still have to come up with my second instalment to that particular post.

Meanwhile……..over at the PNB offices, a statement has been issued by their VP to render their side of the story. Lil Mom told me about it over the phone today and I manage to lift it from today’s Star. And it goes like this: 

“WE AT Permodalan Nasional Bhd and Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd would like to thank Malaysians for their continued support of our unit trust products, particularly the most recent one involving the offer of additional units of Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020. 


EPF v Mutual Funds: some things you might want to know (part 2) Friday, Aug 11 2006 

How should the regulators respond to this disturbing bit of news then? 

Ultimately, it should be market forces, and not legislation that dictates whether the mutual funds can continue to see EPF monies coming their way.

The fact is that the quantum of annual EPF withdrawals for investment purpose has doubled in a very short period, from RM1 billion in 2001 to over RM 2 billion last year. Likewise, the number of actual withdrawals has also doubled from 108,000 to 223,000 over the same period of time (Source: EPF 2005 Annual Report).

This says that there are a growing number of EPF members out there who are taking advantage of the flexibility given to them by the government to decide how their retirement funds are invested. If the majority are losing money, would we be seeing this kind of growth in investment withdrawals?


EPF v Mutual Funds: some things you might want to know (part 1) Thursday, Aug 10 2006 

The media outcry over the past week about the losses suffered by investors who have withdrawn their EPF money to invest in mutual funds has been one-sided so far.

According to a report in Mingguan Malaysia on August 5, 2006, since 1996 the value of total funds withdrawn for investments have dwindled from RM9.76 billion to RM9.15 billion as at December 2005, and a loss of some RM600 million had been suffered. However no further information was provided as to how the figures have been derived.


Towards your financial freedom Monday, Aug 7 2006 

I’d always felt that in life, it’s important to count your blessings and to give back to society and help as many people as possible.

While going through my CFP course I had another revelation. Although I had at various points in my life explored doing work with social groups, my biggest problem was committing the time to do so. It suddenly dawned on me that I could finally do this “community service” by sharing whatever I learnt on the course with as many people as possible. I had met so many people over the last year who were worried about money but who were not empowered to take action. Talking to them made me realize that there was a way I could help them.


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