Market update – BURSA downgraded by Goldman Sachs Wednesday, Jun 4 2008 

June 4 2008 – The Star reported that BURSA, the Malaysian stock exchange suffered a downgrade from Goldman Sachs & Co, which named Malaysian stocks least favoured in South-East Asia on concerns over political volatility. GS was quoted as saying “the premium market valuation that Malaysia enjoyed relative to most of its Asean peers had political stability as one of its pillars – this is now in question”.



PSYCHO-logy of investing – whatever!! Sunday, Oct 21 2007 

KLCI 2007 

If like me, you have been a little bewildered and perplexed by the helluva ride that the KLCI has taken us over the past year, then maybe it helps to try to review the year in passing to try to come up with some strategies for investing in these highly uncertain times.


Why you shouldn’t listen to your Ma or Pa when investing…(part 2) Saturday, Aug 11 2007 

It has not been a good couple of weeks…the work stress has definitely eaten up 90% of my brain cells. I found myself schlepping around the KLCC carpark at least twice in as many weeks looking for my “lost” elantra. Two days ago my dopod crashed with all my important info in it…(not such a bad thing actually…I now have an excuse not to be constantly contactable J ). They told me it would take two weeks to fix! Two weeks! A business phone! (Do not buy a dopod!!) Today I found myself at a Shell station wondering what my pin was for my Shell card…6562? 6752? 6578? I gave up after numerous permutations starting with 6! Thankfully the car got me home in one piece…but will have to figure out how to get the card working tomorrow…or fork out the dosh. And you thought you had it bad didn’t you??!!


Why you shouldn’t listen to your Ma or Pa when investing… Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

The following are typical life lessons that we are often taught by our parents while growing up.  (List paraphrased from the Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing):

1. Don’t settle for average. Strive to be the best

2. Listen to your gut. What you feel in your gut is usually right

3. If you don’t know how to do something, ask. Talk to an expert or hire one. Saves time and frustration

4. You get what you pay for. Good help isn’t cheap and cheap help isn’t good.

5. If there’s a crisis, take action! Do something to fix it.

6. History repeats itself. The best predictor of future performance is past performance.

But guess what, they really DO NOT work for investing! Quite the opposite really. More in my next post. Ta da.

Now you can own a stake in Malaysian Top 30 listed cos Tuesday, Jun 12 2007 

Passage Thru India Penang

Malaysia’s first equity exchange traded fund (ETF), FBM30etf is slated for launch in early July 07. According to a Star report on June 7 2007, the ETF is similar in nature to an unit trust fund in that it comprises investments in a basket of stocks. However, the difference is that the fund will be listed on the KLCI, and its price will fluctuate according to fluctuations in the underlying basket of stocks. In comparison, traditional unit trust funds are not listed. 


HELP! I’ve made money on my mutual fund investment! (2) Sunday, Feb 11 2007 


 (Check this! Bagan 18 bar and restaurant or “Penang‘s closest brush with fabulousness” 🙂 )  

(continued from part one )

Here’s my 2 cents worth to Mike.  

He should manage his portfolio according to the asset allocation model appropriate for his circumstances. Asset allocation is just a fancy phrase for the process of dividing up our investments into various asset classes. Primarily the asset classes are shares or equities, bonds and cash. For example you may decide on a 60:30:10 asset allocation model which means 60% of your money is in equities, 30% in bonds and 10% in cash.   (more…)

HELP! I’ve made money on my mutual fund investment! Tuesday, Jan 16 2007 

I know I know most of us have got worse problems in our lives. But this is a nice dilemma to start 2007 with. As most of you would probably know, the market has been having a pretty good run in recent months. The KLCI has gone from a low of 886 points in mid June 2006 to close at 1127 as at 15 January 2007, a 27% increase over just 7 months.


A lucky friend of mine, Mike, invested a sum of RM30,000 at that very opportune time in June 2006 into the Public Ittikal fund, paying 82 sen per unit. Today the price is 98 sen per unit. This translates into a return of 20%. And this is net of sales fees and management charges. OK so the fund didn’t quite beat the market’s performance of 27% after taking into account the fund company’s fees and charges…but RM6,000 is still a great return for half a year’s investment.


So he calls me up to get advice on whether to sell off the units and cash out or….if not, then what to do. A very interesting dilemma indeed. The easy way out would be to sell it all off and put it all into FD or a capital guaranteed kind of deposit as Mike wants to do. Alternatively he’s also thinking ….there’s going to be another push leading up to Chinese New Year as has been the tradition (that’s when the greed monster in all of us kicks in)…maybe to hold on…! Taaaayyy! Wrong! We need to go back to the basics and consider the fundamentals. More on this in my next post.

So you’ve missed out on ASW 2020…now what? (2) Saturday, Sep 9 2006 


I covered the products offered by banks in part one of this post about alternatives to the ASW 2020. In this instalment, I will cover the hot topic of REITs.

More and more REITs are coming onstream since the launch of the Malaysia’s maiden REIT back in 2005, the Axis REIT. REIT (pronounced “reet”) stands for real estate investment trust. Given Malaysians’ love affair with bricks and mortar, this is a very flexible investment vehicle that allows us to indirectly own a stake in say, Starhill Gallery or the Kuala Lumpur JW Marriott simply by buying the building’s REIT through Bursa.

What’s more you don’t need a lot of money. The closing price of the Starhill REIT as at 8 September 2006 was RM0.95 and 1,000 shares will cost you just RM950. If this sounds interesting, read on…


So you’ve missed out on ASW 2020…now what? Thursday, Sep 7 2006 

Judging by the comments from my ASW 2020 post, 9 out of 10 people (if not more) missed out on the ASW 2020. So if you’re one of those poor souls — all cashed out and no place to invest… 🙂 , I thought it’d be good to get creative with some alternatives to the ASW 2020 that you could consider. The list is not exhaustive so, you’re welcome to add more ideas through the comments section. Whatever it is, nobody mention Swisscash or Swiss Mutual…puurrlleeeassse!!


Bursa super-bull coming? Sunday, Sep 3 2006 


ZenTrader has put up a chart of the KLCI in his latest post, and asks the question, is there a “Super Cycle” in the making? And I’m helping to spread the word – so you guys can decide for yourselves if this is going to be the year of the bull after all…

Interestingly some stock-broker friends of mine had showed me a similar chart some weeks back, and alluded to the same thing. I thought they were all crazy the first time I heard it. 🙂

I’ve always wanted to believe in the power of charts to predict where prices are headed but whatever amateurish charting attempts I made in the past always ended in me missing the boat when it came to picking the right stock. So now I just stick with the fundamentalists.